How to create an epic LinkedIn profile (part I)

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help you to improve your career, find a job and connect with other professionals. Your LinkedIn profile is a combination of your on-line portfolio, job history and education. It’s basically a display of your “professional persona” at a glance, which is why it’s very likely that your future employer will check out your profile after you’ve applied for a job.

LinkedIn doesn’t just come in handy when you’re actively looking for new opportunities. A good LinkedIn presence can also attract the employer of your dreams. So instead of chasing jobs, clean up your profile page and let the opportunities come to you. If you’re not on LinkedIn already, you better set up an account quickly!


General rules:

  • Only add relevant information

The content of your profile has to be cohesive and in line with your current occupation or goals. Your LinkedIn presence gives others an insight into your mindset and level of focus, so make sure that there’s a clear concept behind your page. You’re not doing yourself a favour if you add every part-time job you ever had just to puff up your page. That also applies to students and others who don’t have a lot of experience. Try adding projects, languages you learn or activities you’re engaged in – personality and attitude are as important as practical skills!


  • Write for your target audience

This is one of the key principles of advertising and it also applies to your LinkedIn page. If you’re looking for a job you should let others know! Use your Header to indicate that you’re looking for new opportunities and add your flagship skills to the Summary. Also keep in mind that your page is there to promote yourself, not your product or company.


  • Be concise (short & precise)

People don’t have much time and they are lazy – nobody wants to read huge chunks of text when they are on LinkedIn. All important information should be visible at a glance and be easy to read. Forget complex sentence structures and use bullet points instead!


  • Quality > Quantity

If it’s not good, don’t add it! Keep your profile clean, brief and of high-quality.


  • English only!

LinkedIn is a global platform so please use English as your language of choice. You can translate your profile into other languages, but it only makes sense if the quality of the translation is good.


  • Proofread your page

Typos are embarassing and give readers the impression that you don’t care. Use the text editor of your choice for writing the texts, a spell-checking add-on or ask your friends!


Next article: How to create an epic LinkedIn profile (part II)


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