Where dreams are forged …

Welcome to my blog A Journey to the Stars!

Having worked in game localisation for 2 years, I’ve recently decided to explore different shores – after all, we only live once and shouldn’t waste our lives wishing and wanting and dreaming.

I’ve been playing with the thought of a career change for quite a while now, but honestly I never had the guts to walk that path. Writing has always been my biggest skill, which is why I studied linguistics and literature. I love translating games, but deep within my heart I’ve always wanted to create things, which is why I decided to study Computer Science at the TU Graz. I’m still at the beginning of this journey and it will take me a few years to finish my degree, but till then I’d like to help others to further their career and make their dreams come true!

I’ve learned a lot since I started working in the games industry and I’d like to share my experience and knowledge. Join me as I write about self promotion, networking, job applications and recruiting procedures that will help you to make more out of your career. You can achieve a lot if you know how to give a good account of yourself and your abilities.

Whether you’re a student, a senior or someone who’s looking for new opportunities – here you’ll find useful hints, best practices and guides about how to get your dream job.




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